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    Sam Stockman

    Bradley Sims believes that working for Goodwill is much more than a job — he considers it a family. 

    “The sober community here is unbelievable. I don’t think I would have made it without them. They had faith in me when no one else did,” Bradley said.

    From a young age, Bradley faced a great deal of adversity while growing up with his grandparents in Brown County, Indiana. Both parents struggled with addiction, and his father also struggled daily to maintain his mental health. Watching his father struggle had a direct impact on Bradley’s own mental health. 

    “My father was suicidal, and it directly impacted me. I was never happy,” Bradley said. 

    Around age 15, Bradley was introduced to drugs. Shortly after, he discovered that his younger brother had taken his own life, sending him deeper into his battle with addiction. After finishing high school, Bradley and his girlfriend were incarcerated for crimes related to their addiction. 

    “Watching my girlfriend be taken away by the police was a turning point in me deciding to get sober,” Bradley said. 

    In addition, his mother passed away while he was incarcerated, leaving him a personal letter which would later help him enter rehab. He enrolled at The Amethyst House, a Bloomington based addiction treatment center. Here he was offered an employment opportunity through Goodwill. 

    In March 2021, Bradley started his new job at Goodwill’s Commercial Services in Bloomington. With the support of his peers and leadership, Bradley was promoted to the Line Lead position.

    “Every aspect of my life has changed since joining Goodwill. I wake up happy, and I want to go to work,” Bradley said. 

    After joining Goodwill Commercial Services, Bradley obtained his driver’s license, purchased a vehicle and secured housing for his family. He continues to advance himself by mentoring coworkers and attending internal training to broaden his skill sets. He strives to overcome the adversity he faces each day. 

    “For me, the feeling of loving yourself and knowing that you mean something — that feeling of accomplishment is ten times better than drugs,” Bradley said.

    Are you or someone you know looking for a career? Visit to apply. 

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    Sam Stockman

    Written by Sam Stockman

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