What Does Black History Month Mean To You?

    [fa icon="calendar"] Feb 11, 2022 10:15:00 AM / by Theron Wilson

    Theron Wilson

    Theron Wilson

    Goodwill believes that our strength lies in the diversity among the broad range of people we employ, educate and serve. We pledge to be informed and to create an equitable culture and workplace that will support the changes we want to see in our community.

    As a part of this pledge, we proudly celebrate Black History Month, a time to honor the innumerable achievements and contributions of Black Americans. We asked Theron Wilson, College and Career Readiness Specialist at our Meadows Excel Center®, Goodwill’s free high school for adults, what Black History Month means to him. 

    “Black History month is a constant reminder that our country would not be as prosperous and viable, if not for the intellectual, persevering, and innovative Black American pioneers that came before us. I wish we lived in a time where Black History was identified as history; a rich history that could be taught more frequently in school and other education spaces.

    Theron Grad

    Black History is also a representation of love and rich societal influences that have continued to affect the world today.

    Black History is about liberation. We think about the efforts of the Civil Rights movement: the hardships, the loss of life, the sacrifice - all in efforts to make progress for African American people. However, it still brings notice to the recent various forms of prejudice and police brutality to name a few. These are elements we all know too well from a number of occasions happening even in the 21st century.

    Finally, Black History Month is mixed emotions; a number of thoughts of frustration, thankfulness, sadness, and happiness. For me to have the blessing to live in THIS current lifetime with the opportunities I've had, it's humbling. Those thought-provoking minds that allow me to utilize various products on a daily basis: AC Unit, Clothes Dryer, Iron Board, Cell phone.... - Black People. Being able to come and go, collaborate and connect with people of different races; it was the Black Leaders & Support who fought tirelessly in the civil rights movement that gave me that right.

    Theron and Wife

    As a black male, I'm forever grateful for the sacrifice that was made by my African American ancestors and influential individuals that make life a little more simplistic for me. We still have a ways to go and Black History cannot be limited to a month, but I'm thankful to have the opportunity to highlight those that came before my time and those existing in my time creating change.”

    We thank Theron for sharing his thoughts and reflections on the significance of Black History Month. To learn more about how Goodwill is prioritizing diversity, equity and inclusion, visit goodwillindy.org/about/strategicplan.

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    Theron Wilson

    Written by Theron Wilson

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