The Maull Family sees Nurse-Family Partnership as a Blessing

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    Tala'ra Maull was just six months old when she took her first international flight, to her mother's home country of Nepal. There her maternal relatives doted on the baby, and now a toddler she remains the apple of her parent's eye.

    "She's really girly," her mom Srijana laughs. "As I remember I was not a girly girl, so I'm surprised." 

    Srijana came to the United States in 2006, and her husband Bobby is an Indianapolis native. They met in Alaska at an international leadership training program and despite vastly different cultural and religious backgrounds, began a long-distance courtship. The Maulls were married by a justice of the peace in Indianapolis and again in a traditional Nepalese ceremony.

    Because much of their work had involved volunteerism, the couple had limited financial resources when Srijana became pregnant. Later in her pregancy—and overwhelmed by Medicaid regulations—she found Nurse-Family Partnership's informational card in her purse:

    "My husband had given it to me and said, 'Hey, this is for first-time moms,'" Srijana recalls.

    Nurse home visitor Cora Daniel, RN, BSN, was assigned to the family. "I'm from a different country, I'm pregnant, I'm alone while he goes to work," Srijana says. "Cora is like my sister—someone I can share with when my mom is so far away. She gave us so much information."

    Cora and NFP also helped the Maulls secure their medical coverage before their daughter was born at Methodist Hospital (just like her dad) on September 25, 2012. 

    "Cora gave us both more confidence," says Bobby, who was only five when his own mother died. His grandmother raised him, and his father was uninvolved. Bobby is committed to giving Tala'ra a different kind of upbringing, with two strong and loving parents. Cora brought the Maulls a flier promoting Baby Boot Camp for New Dads sponsored by the Indiana Healthy Marriage and Family Coalition, and Bobby signed up.

    Today he leads Baby Boot Camp at two Babies R Us locations in addition to his regular employment. Srijana, who earned a bachelor's degree in business administration in her home country, works in banking. Sarah Pennal, NFP Guide—Early Childhood Resource, is helping the family find high-quality child care.

    When Tala'ra graduated NFP at age two and Cora's visits came to an end, the Maulls didn't sever their relationship with NFP. They are giving back by working with Sarah to develp the NFP Parents and Children (PAC) network and to promote NFP at community events. 

    They also are focused on potty training and getting Tala'ra school-ready. "We want her to find happiness," Bobby says. "We think Tala'ra is going to be able to excel."

    "I have a very high respect for this program. I consider NFP as a blessing," Srijana said.


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