Halloween Costume Co-Chairs Top Tips for Costume Shopping at Goodwill

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    Most people don’t dream up their Halloween costumes in February. Then again, most people aren’t among the 100 volunteers of the Children’s Museum of Indianapolis Guild, planning the country’s oldest haunted house — and the museum’s biggest fundraiser of the year.

    haunted house costume co-chairs for The childrens museum guild

    Haunted House Costume Co-Chairs, Mica Wilson and Molly Kitchell took a minute out of their busy, costume creation crafting time to talk about how The Children's Museum Guild of Indianapolis and Goodwill are such a great pairing.

    "How could you not think of Goodwill for costumes?" said the Costume Co-Chairs, simultaneously.

    When costume shopping gets underway in the spring, Goodwill is the retail destination for Guild volunteers and has been for years, according to the Costume Co-Chairs.

    “We could not make costumes if we did not have Goodwill. At the end of the day, our mission here is to raise funds for The Children's Museum. Not only are we here to have a good time, but we are doing this to raise money, and as part of that, we are trying to be conscious of our expenses.” said Kitchell.

    Every year, the Guild uses more than 80 costumes, not to mention clothing items for resident skeletons and mannequins, accessories and décor. Nearly all of it comes from Goodwill — and it has to last through the Halloween season.

    “Volunteers are sharing these costumes, so they’re washed after every wear. They hold up because they’re good clothes.” said Wilson. “Shopping at Goodwill allows us to customize high quality items that can last at an affordable cost.”

    Mica and Molly and their team of volunteers are practically professionals when it comes to costume-hunting at Goodwill, but they believe anyone can follow their lead with these tips:.

    • Costumes are rarely going to jump off the shelf ready-made for you at Goodwill. You have to go in with a good idea and a lot of creativity.
    • Never give up: if it wasn't at that Goodwill it's probably at the next Goodwill.
    • Start early: don’t wait until October 29th to begin costume-hunting—everyone else has already found their costume and the best props will be gone.
    • If you are searching for a last minute costume, you have to be a lot more flexible—think theme and not so specific.


    This is the 54th year of haunting at the museum, and this year's theme, The Wicked Woods, gives you a chance to hike through a frightening forest full of creepy campers, hikers and who knows what else! The Costume Co-Chairs are positive you will have a great time being frightened or just having fun during their friendly hours (with the lights on). Hike the Wicked Woods, October 7-31, 2017 at The Children's Museum and keep an eye out for those Goodwill costumes!


    watch Molly and Mica tell their halloween shopping tips  

    "Just like the Children's Museum Guild is concerned with raising funds and helping the museum and the community around it—Goodwill is committed to improving the community through their programs for education, employment and health" said Kitchell.

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