Goodwill Guides give continual support to moms and toddlers

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    Marissa Emerson

    Nurse-Family Partnership participants graduate from the program when their child turns two years old and then have the option to continue engaging with Goodwill programs through the NFP Graduate Program. Visits with a nurse-home visitor stop, however the mom and family, if desired, may meet with a Goodwill Guide for ongoing support and resources focused on child development, school readiness, economic stability and self-sufficiency.

    A Goodwill Guide attends one of the final visits with the nurse-home visitor to an NFP mom approaching graduation to explain the NFP Graduate Program. Clients may choose from varying degrees of monthly visits by phone, email or in-person in home.

    With emphasis on economic self-sufficiency and education, Guides coach and support the adult family members as they set goals and discuss and measure the child’s development. Guides are trained to give the child development ASQ test, a well-known child development assessment tool. Guides can make a referral or contact a provider, if needed. Guides also refer adult family members to Goodwill education, training and employment programs.

    Prior to NFP moms graduating the nurse-home visitation portion of the program, Guides consult with the nurse-home visitors. Each guide has a focus area making those resources as strong as can be.

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