Goodwill Attends MAVPAK's Annual Pallet Games Competition

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    Sam Stockman


    Goodwill of Central & Southern Indiana made its second appearance at MAVPAK’s annual Pallet Games competition on Wednesday, April 24. MAVPAK, a packaging company founded in 2015, offers packaging, warehousing, and equipment solutions to its customers. The company supplies all of the packaging materials and additional support to Goodwill’s eCommerce division. 

    "Through my faith, I decided that I should take my gifts and create a company that acts as a shining light," said John Goo, the founder and president of MAVPAK.

    John first encountered the idea of these games as a volunteer during a similar event in Louisville, Kentucky. Inspired, he developed his own version, which became known as the Pallet Games.

    "I love to celebrate the hourly workforce and logistics industry. This is the one big thing we can do to give back and have fun for no other reason than to celebrate," John said.

    The competition brings together a collection of MAVPAK’s customers for a day of fun, games, and teamwork. It aims to unite the warehouse, distribution, and manufacturing communities to build culture and inspire teamwork. Each team consists of 10 to 20 players that participate in games that require skill sets found in warehouse environments, such as packing delicate materials, navigating obstacles with a pallet jack, and so much more. 

    Teams are encouraged to dress up and show out. Each team is encouraged to decorate their own pallet and is welcomed to the games on a red carpet with an official introduction from MAVPAK’s team complete with music, cheers, and spirit. During down time, players can partake in a series of mini games throughout the warehouse to keep the fun going at all times. 



    Goodwill formed two teams of 10, composed of members from both their retail and corporate departments, in hopes of claiming victory. Although neither team landed atop the leaderboard this year, all participants ended the day with a greater sense of camaraderie and appreciation for the support from MAVPAK. Goodwill began attending the games last year because “MAVPAK isn’t just a vendor for us, they are a true partner in our business,” said Peggy Bailey, Director of Goodwill’s eCommerce Division. “It’s hard to find that kind of trust in today’s world, but MAVPAK walks the walk every day. We pack every Goodwill item, whether it’s a book, diamond or stuffed animal in a MAVPAK box.” 

    In addition to providing operational support to the e-commerce division, MAVPAK is a presenting sponsor of Goodwill’s signature annual event, Goodwill: UNBOXED, and has also supported the event for the past two years with materials for decor and logistics support. 

    "MAVPAK is always looking to partner with other organizations; we want to serve people who need it the most. Goodwill is doing that work; we love the work Goodwill does; and we want to be a part of it," John said.

    Interested in becoming a Goodwill supporter like MAVPAK? Reach out to our Foundation team to learn more, or join us on September 19, 2024 for Goodwill: UNBOXED.

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    Sam Stockman

    Written by Sam Stockman

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