Empowering Families Through Goodwill Nurse-Family Partnership

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    Jenny Kakasuleff


    “When I was first diagnosed with unspecified psychosis, I didn’t want to believe it,” Michaelae Cotton said. “Many times…those with this diagnosis are described as ‘crazy.’ I was embarrassed and felt ashamed. It wasn’t until I found safe spaces that I began to embark on a journey of victory. My nurse came into my life at the perfect time.”

    When Michaelae enrolled in Goodwill Nurse-Family Partnership® in 2021, she was 25 weeks pregnant, forcing her to leave her job and school and move back in with her parents. These added stressors exacerbated her mental health struggles – at one point requiring inpatient care. 

    “I found safety within the presence of my nurse – she aided me in coming back to reality,” Michaelae said. 

    Despite the challenges she faced, Michaelae re-enrolled in school and completed her bachelor’s degree in criminal justice. 

    “Not only did my nurse assist me in staying motivated, but she also connected me with resources to help me elevate to a level I never knew I could reach,” Michaelae said. 

    Now, Michaelae lives independently with her daughter, Ya’Leah, and has a job she loves with Indy Peace Fellowship. She was also recently accepted into Martin University’s graduate program in community psychology, where she will pursue a Master of Science degree.

    “Goodwill Nurse-Family Partnership gave me guidance when becoming a mother and set me up to succeed,” Michaelae said. “With every appointment, I left feeling more equipped and ready to take on the journey of motherhood. It truly changed my life.”

    To learn more about Goodwill Nurse-Family Partnership or to enroll, visit our website

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